We do the math, you sign the timesheet

Are you responsible for tracking your hours worked and submitting a timesheet every two weeks? Are you an employee of NC State University? If you answered yes to both, we can make your life easier. PayDay is a simple, secure web application that allows you to keep track of your hours worked each pay period and print your timesheet electronically when you're done. PayDay will fill in all of the necessary fields for you! Your boss will never yell at you for your sloppy handwriting again.

Getting Started

Use the Employee Login link on the navigation bar to log into Payday. If you don't already have a PayDay account, ask your supervisor to create one for you. If you work for multiple groups on campus and file more than one timesheet each pay period, there's no need to worry. As long as each supervisor added you as a user to their PayDay group, you can login once and seamlessly switch between your groups.

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How to Sign-Up

If you are an NC State Faculty or Staff member responsible for superivising hourly employees, send us an email requesting an account: engr-webmaster@ncsu.edu.

Introducing the PayDay v3.0